About Us


Since 2013, Right Field (Myanmar) Group of Companies Limited was founded in Myanmar, to provide services range over all levels of Trading, Distribution, Construction and Real Estate Developer business.

Started form a business and growing up time to time, we mainly focus on Trading, Distribution business.

To preview the future, we certainly will keep on provide quality products and services in the field of Trading, Distribution. For continues development, to take in concert with Foreign companies, the other opportunity for the business growth. In this golden age of economic speedy development in Myanmar, we will provide reliable and efficiency services with our qualify staffs and employees.

  • OUR VISION : To provide reliable service for customers.
  • OUR MISSION : To provide quality services resulting in total satisfaction for our customers.


Right Field Trading

Import food products from Italy, Spain, France and EU Countries. Our aim is to introduce different culture and tradition of the world kitchen. Our products are perfect support for the chefs interested in introducing the high quality products in the menu.

Right Field Distribution

Distribution of premium foods and beverages, providing full range of products and services.

Right Field Construction

  • Joint venture with land owners who want to build Condominium and Housing
  • Constructing of the whole building by PAE system
  • Design and Structural calculation for estimate costing
  • Renovation and Decoration, Maintenance and Repairing Services by Architects
  • Building of quality housings by qualify Engineers under company supervision

To build the best housings for different customer needs, consider the factors of time limit, costing and convenience for customers.


Right Field ( Myanmar ) Group of Companies Ltd
Office : No. 690 ( A ), Ground Floor, Kyaw Thu Street, 9 Block, South Okkalapa Tsp, Yangon, Myanmar.
Office Phone : (+95) 9250282733, (+95) 932055949


Showroom : Building 275(A), Room No. (1), Ground Floor, Yankin Main Road, Yankin Tsp, Yangon, Myanmar.
Showroom Phone : (+95) 9 440031331, (+95) 9 450090930, (+95) 9 73228877
Mobile Phone : (+95) 95154939, (+95) 925103244


Email  : sanlin@rightfieldgroup.com


Website   : www.rightfieldgroup.com